Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sebogo?

Sebogo is a new generation travel search site, not a travel agency, that aims to take the agony out of travel & leisure planning by providing our users with the best technology to search, compare and book all travel and leisure products faster and more efficiently.

What makes Sebogo different from other travel search sites?

We do not only show you all the relevant flight, hotel , car hire or travel & leisure deals results on a single page, in a visual "timeline" that makes it easy to understand the tradeoffs between options, but also help you find the perfect deals by offering you multiple options within the same search.

Do I have to pay anything for using Sebogo to find the best deals on hotels, flights, carhire and travel offers?

Sebogo is completely FREE and will never request payment for using our services. We do earn a commission everytime you use Sebogo to purchase a hotel, flight, carhire or travel deal found on the site. THANK YOU for using Sebogo and telling your friends and relatives!.

Can I book directly on Sebogo?

Sebogo is not a Travel Agency but a Price Comparison Site where you can Search, Compare, Select the best available travel offer and Go to the vendor´s website to finalize the booking. We will provide you with the best tool to find the best deals and then send you to the vendor of your choice to complete the purchase.

Do your fares / rates include taxes, fees and payment charges?

Yes, our fares include everything but baggage fees. Even though we do our best to show the final price based on your favourite payment method, the rates shown on Sebogo may at times not be 100% accurate as some providers make minor adjustments to the payment methods and we are not always informed on times. Our AIM is to provide you with the FINAL price from the very first moment so there are NO SURPRISES.

Does Sebogo show the total Flight Price based on the number of passengers?

Yes, Sebogo will show the total flight price based on the number of passenger so you know how much will it cost from the very first moment. We will also show you the individual price per person just below the total price.

Car Hire Fuel Policies:

All cars need fuel to run, unless it´s an electric car, but the amount of money that some companies charge is just ridiculous. According to the differnt policies returned by the provider we have integrated within our Car Hire Metasearch engine we have identified 5 different Fuel Policies, although there are more:

Free Tank: The least common of the Fuel Policies and where the car rental company won’t actually charge you for the tank of fuel. This policy is usually part of a deal and as long as the total cost of the hire is competitive it could really work in your favour.

Pre Purchase (Full Refund): You will be charged for the petrol already in the tank when you pick up the car and the car hire company will refund for the fuel that you haven’t used when returning the carf. You’ll need to check with your provider what their policy on this is as some measure by eighths of a tank whilst others don’t. It is always worth asking the rental company to put this in writing for you upon collection, to ensure you know that there is no need to pay for fuel you won’t use!

Pre Purchase (Partial Refund): As with the above, you’ll be charged for the petrol already in the tank, but you’ll also be subject to a service charge for the refuelling expenses. When you bring the car back, you’ll be refunded for the fuel you haven’t used, but won’t get the money back that you forked out on the service charge, which can be between £10-£40 depending on the size of engine. Make sure you read the terms of the policy before you book so you don’t get unexpectedly stung!

Full to Full: Your vehicle will come with a full tank of fuel and you will need to return it with the same amount of fuel in it. At the time of collection, the company will take a deposit for the fuel (usually the funds will be blocked against your card, with no money taken). If you return the car with less fuel than it should have, this is when they’ll charge you! It is also worth remembering to keep the receipts of any fuel purchases you make and hand these in at the desk on drop off.

Pre Purchase (Full to Empty): You will receive, and be charged for, a full tank of fuel on collection. You will then need to return the car to as near empty as possible, otherwise you’re just giving them back free fuel with no refund on fuel not used plus the service fee which will not be refunded!.

Important when renting a car:

  • Excess – some car rental companies might apply sizable excess amounts and freeze them on your credit card during the time of car rental (these amounts might be up to €1500.00 or even more depending on each country). Make sure you find out the exact excess amount for your vehicle before you confirm your reservation.
  • Payment – Though not impossible, most rental car locations won’t make it easy for travelers to rent a car without a credit card. It’s not in their best interest to rent with someone who might be a a credit liability, so make sure the proper plastic is on hand to avoid paying an extra deposit. (It’s not entirely impossible to rent with a debit card but it may require a credit check. And the agency is going to make it a lot harder.).
  • Mileage: Check if your rental car will include unlimited mileage. If not then ask for exact price for additional kilometers/miles.
  • Border crossing: Not all of the car rental companies allow their vehicles to be used in other countries.
  • Minimum Age Required: In most countries, you must be aged 21 or over to rent a car although you will be charge a "Young Driver Surcharge" should any of the drivers is under 25 years of age.  Rental companies only see them as a possible liability to their goods.
  • Driver´s License: You will need to present to our customer representative your normal driving licence, issued by your country of residence and held for a minimum period (normally one year) according to local legislation or conditions. It will be requested at every rental.
  • Identification Documents: An identification document, such as a passport or ID card may also be required. The driver´s licence may not sufficient.
  • Fuel policy: We would recommend choosing car rental offers that include “Full to full” fuel policy – you will get a vehicle with a full tank and you will be expected to return it with a full tank. Thus you will avoid additional expenses to the car rental company for the fuel and you will be able to choose where you want to refuel (meaning you can get the best price on the fuel).
  • Additional surcharges: It is very important to read the terms and conditions of the car hireoffer as you will find all the information there on what additional surcharges might be applied to the rental.

How can I change or cancel my booked flight / hotel / carhire / travel deal?

Sebogo is a price comparison site where you will find, compare, select the best offer and go the vendor´s website to finalize the booking. You'll need to contact the site you booked your ticket, hotel or other service through to make any changes.

How can I partner with Sebogo?

Very simple, just  send an email to with the details of  your airline, hotel, hotel chain you represent, Online Travel Agency, Car  Hire Company o  Deals Site plus a brief description of your needs and one member of our team will get back to you.

The information of the hotel on Sebogo Hotels is incorrect, how can I update it?

If you see the information of your hotel or the hotel you represent incorrect on Sebogo, please send us an email to indicating the name of the hotel and the information that needs to be updated and we will ensure the changes are made as soon as possible.

How do I join the Sebogo Travel Affiliate Program?

Just send us an email to with basic information about your site, needs, etc ... and we will review and reply back as soon as possible.

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